It is no surprise that stretch marks are looked up as something to be ashamed of, something which should be kept hidden. But there is a certain amount of beauty in every single person out there which few rigid lines cannot describe, stretch marks are just like many other characteristics which makes us human beings.

We do not support body shaming, stretch marks are a part of life and a reminder of being strong, surviving through all the changes our body goes through, but if you’re looking for solutions to get rid of stretch marks this blog post is for you. Here’s to why stretch marks appear and how to get rid of them.


A stretch mark is a type of scar that develops when our skin stretches or shrinks quickly. These long, thin, rippled marks are also called striae. Collagen is a protein that makes your skin more elastic. If your skin doesn’t have enough, the marks may show up as it stretches. Both men and women can get stretch marks. Pregnancy and puberty are the two most common times in life to get stretch marks. Getting rid of stretch marks in a completely natural way isn’t likely. They’re a type of scarring that rarely fades enough to become invisible. Considering the cause of stretch marks is literal tearing deep beneath the skin, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that there’s no tried-and-true cure.



There are certain creams and lotions in the market which help treating stretch mark. When you use such creams and lotions make sure to follow guidelines written over the package or inside package if not follow these steps.

  • Massage well into desired areas with a firm circular motion until cream is fully absorbed into skin.
  • Apply once every morning and once every evening
  • for best results, use immediately after showering.


Vitamin A. Vitamin A is referred to as a retinoid. Retinoids make skin appear smoother and more youthful. They’re used in many over-the-counter topical cosmetic creams. Vitamin A can be gained by eggs, cod liver oil, orange and yellow vegetables and fruits.

Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera keeps your skin moist, which is important for treating your skin fast and effectively.

Coconut Oil. Coconut oil increases blood flow to your skin, and produces collagen fibers, which is important for treating stretch marks.

Natural essential oils. There are numerous essential oils available on the market that can help alleviate the appearance of stretch marks. These include rosehip, lavender, frankincense, sandalwood and tangerine oils. Before using these oils, it is recommended that you dilute them in a safe carrier oil like almond, coconut, jojoba or olive.

Lemon juice. Lemon juice is famous for its bleaching and whitening properties and it can also boost the amount of collagen the skin produces because of its high amounts of vitamin C.


Change your eating habits and routine, eat skin nourishing diet Eat nuts, seeds, avocados, Eat carrots, sweet potatoes, mango, squash, and red bell peppers. Eat protein rich foods, add Omega 3s in your diet.

Make sure to keep yourself hydrated. Water helps detoxify your body and keeps your skin cells plump, which makes your skin healthier and more likely to bounce back from the stress caused by stretching.

Avoid drinking alcohol. As much as possible, avoid excessive intake of alcohol. Alcohol is known to suck out the moisture from your body, which may make your skin drier than normal, making it more prone to stretch marks.

Exercise. Exercising helps the skin retain its elasticity by improving your body’s circulation. As an added benefit, exercise will help prevent you from gaining too much weight, too quickly, nipping stretch marks in the bud.




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