Repairing damaged hair isn’t an overnight job whereas hair is like a science lab for each of us out there, One day it’s beach waves, the next day sleek and smooth glass hair. Expressing yourself by the way you style your hair is like a thing and by all means its natural. Just like straightening your hair when your up for a date or braiding them on a day out with your girlfriends its just amazing how we present ourselves with these beautiful locks. However, Over-styling, over-lightening or just plain overdoing can cause your hair to become damaged, brittle and broken.

So, here are some tips on how to fix damaged hair.

  1. Identify Early and Repair Damaged Hair

The easiest way to know if your hair is damaged is to hold it upside down and run the ends through your fingers. If the ends are sticking out and feel rough, your hair is probably damaged. Damaged hair lacks luster and shine. The hair shafts stop shining when the cuticles are damaged. With damaged hair, you will notice that there is no shine even after a deep conditioning treatment.

  1. Go easy on styling tools

one of the biggest mistakes people make is setting the temperature too high when styling hair with heat. Unless you have super thick or coarse hair, you’ll get the job done with a mid-range temperature-setting on your tools. And skip the heat styling altogether when possible. Cutting out heat will go a long way in helping your hair recover. Let your hair dry naturally and try out styles that don’t need heat. If you use a blow drier, use it on a low heat or a cool setting.

  1. Protect Your Hair from Sun Exposure

Sun damage is one of the biggest culprits of hair damage, color fade, and brittle ends. If you’re not already shielding your hair from the sun’s UV rays, now’s the time to start. After a long day of sun exposure (e.g. trips to the beach, hiking, outdoor sporting activities) it’s a good idea to give your hair a nice, long hydrating treatment to keep damage at bay and help your hair stay in great condition.

  1. Indulge in Rich and Healing Hair Masks

Hair masks are the special ops of conditioning. They contain high concentrations of reparative and moisturizing ingredients, like vitamins, oils and naturally-sourced elements. They’re also thicker than regular conditioners, so when you apply them to damp hair, they stay put. That gives these formulas time to penetrate more deeply into the hair surface and fill in the gaps and nicks that develop on the surface of damaged hair. Masks keep working even after you rinse them.

  1. Trim Your Split Ends

Have you ever snagged a piece of fine fabric, only to watch as the tiny snag gradually unravels a huge portion of the garment? That’s what can happen when the ends of your hair become split. The hair will begin unraveling from the bottom up, leading to a dull, broken, frizzy mess. To prevent split ends in the first place, keep your hair supple and strong with fortifying shampoos, conditioners and leave-in creams. To keep split ends from getting out of control, visit your hairstylist for regular trims. You don’t have to lose much length at all—your stylist can simply “dust” the ends to keep your hair healthy, strong and un-frayed.

  1. Be careful with oils

Oils have been used for hair care for centuries, and these days, there are a ton of products that offer specialty oils. If you are using an oil treatment for dry or damaged hair, don’t overdo it. Oils can end up being “heavy” in your hair, so start with drops on the tips or damaged areas. Make sure you wash it off, because oils tend to attract dirt, dust and pollutants and leave your hair feeling greasy over time.

  1. Deep Condition

A weekly deep conditioning treatment or hair mask is a must for repairing damaged hair and preventing future breakage. A deep conditioner is especially essential if you color your tresses because damaged hair fades faster than healthy hair.

  1. Know when to get a cut

Let’s face it: If your tresses are damaged and your ends are breaking, brittle and splitting, a haircut will save the day. You don’t have to chop it all off, although bobs and pixie haircuts will undo all your damage while also being chic. If you’re not ready to go short, get a healthy trim, try layers, reinvent your face framing, or give a nod to some trendy bangs.

Get Ready for Healthy Hair. If you feel like you’re losing at good hair days, have no fear. With a little discipline and patience, plus some help from restorative products, your hair will be back to its healthiest state in no time.


Shinkafa’s hair care line is carefully crafted with superior and effective active ingredients, derived from nature, to give you the basic healthy, clean, hydrated, smooth, strong, and growing soft hair at a minimum.

PROTEIN KERATIN HAIR MASQUEfix damaged hair - Protein keratin hair care


Shinkafa’s Protein Keratin Hair Masque is a reconstructing hair masque and protein filler. Shinkafa’s reconstructing hair masque is our innovative active protein, intensive hair conditioning and reconstructing masque and protein filler. It repairs previously damaged protein bonds, protects hair against new chemical damage, and adds a healthy body, volume and shine to the hair. It repairs split ends and helps restore hair that is breaking. As a coloring aid, it seals color within the hair cortex and equalizes hair’s porosity for an even color absorption.

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Healthy Protection and Intensive Care of Hair: Enriched with vitamins and biotin, this unique, powerful keratin-based leave-in conditioner detangles, hydrates, conditions, strengthens, and stimulates hair growth – all without any unwanted build-up on your hair and scalp. Our Protein Keratin Leave-In Conditioner with Biotin contains hair growth peptides providing heat protection for optimal hair reconstruction, hydration, smoothness, anti-frizz, softness and moisture retention. And, it comes with natural sun protection factor.

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Shinkafa Hair Polish Finishing Serum is an enriched hair polishing serum and powerfully nourishing hair oil for all hair types. This hair polish serum and hair oil forms a protective barrier on the hair strand, providing frizz control, hydration, anti-breakage, detangling, a healthy, soft, vibrant and bouncy sheen.

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