What is Latcosmic ?

Latcosmic is an Ecommerce platform which exclusively operate in cosmetics products. As an ecommerce platform we are committed to provide access to a wide range of products on their website.

What is the latcosmic philosophy?

With the growing customer base which prefers the products and delivered directly delivered to their doorstep, Latcosmic commits itself to provide access to exclusive cosmetic products. We at Latcosmic mainly focus on the products which are exclusive and tested to provide the best output for the given price range.Since we only focus on cosmetics, it assures the quality unlike other platforms which hoard all kinds of product categories and assurance to the quality goes down as the categories increase.

Where is Shinkafa manufactured?

Shinkafa products are proudly manufactured exclusively in the United States of America.

What kind of natural ingredients are in Shinkafa products?

Just about all our ingredients are superior natural ingredients. Most notable are flower oils like rose oil, fruit oils like melon fruit oil, nut oils and butters like mongongo oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, tamanu seed oil, shea butter, emu oil, safflower seed oil, honey, charcoal, allantoin, rhassoul clay, sea kelp, milks and vitamins, and so many other wonderful and naturally powerful ingredients.

Do we test our product ?

Yes, all the products uploaded on our platform are tested by the manufacturers in the lab to assure that their safety for all types of skin.We denounce animal testing and regulate our products those are being made available on our platform.

Why should I use Shinkafa products? How does it differ from others?

We’re dedicated to healthy, hydrated and hair of all textures and styles, and healthy, hydrated, smooth and skin of all hues and tones by using the best and effective active ingredients that nature has to offer, without harmful chemicals. We started out trying to solve dry, itchy and problems skin and difficult to  manage hair in one part of the world, only to realize in our research and testing that we are one human race and that our skin and hair problems are shared across oceans and languages. Healthy hair and skin without harmful chemicals is what sets us apart.

Do you mail out samples so customers can try them out before buying?

NO, but for bulk orders and those who are interested in working with us as a regional distributor, we recommend contacting us for further information.

Can I request a product catalog?

Our platform is our catalog.

How can i empanel myself as a Latcosmic supplier?

Yes, we welcome all the supplier/ manufacturers who want to work with Latcosmic. Please go through our policies and contact us for further information.

What benefits I will get if I empanel as Latcosmic supplier?

We will help you grow and help your reach the world wide market through our ecommerce platform. Provide a variety of options to sell your products to the wide range of customers.

How much does it costs to get empaneled as supplier with Latcosmic?

Nothing! Please go through our policies to make sure that our ethos and business model is symbiotic to yours or  Contact us.

How can i empanel myself as a Latcosmic distributor?

Yes, we welcome all the suppliers/manufacturers/distributors who want to work with Latcosmic. Please go through our policies and contact us for further information.

What benefits I will get if I empanel as Latcosmic distributor?

With our wide range of products you can boost your business on ever growing ecommerce industry. We will help you out in every way to get better sales and more market penetration in cross-border e-commerce model.

How much does it costs to get empaneled as distributor or supplier with Latcosmic?

Nothing! All you need to do is put a minimum bulk order,and your investment is delivered to you in the form of products while facilitating you to sell your products on our platform or by using your own methods.

You keep all the profits after the purchase.

Which regions does Latcosmic operate?

As of now we are focusing on USA, SEA region and the middle east. We are looking for worldwide operational capacity within the next couple of fiscal years

What’s the average shelf life of Shinkafa products?

Face Masque must be used up within 30 days of being opened. All other products will remain active for months after opening. It is best to replace them every three months if not used up.

What is your return policy?

Please go through or terms and condition for return policies.

What kind of products does Latcosmic interface with?

Latcosmic mainly deals with premium cosmetic products.

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